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    What is it?

    Xorph is a tiny toolkit to automate and faciliate the task of setting up configuration management components and dialogs for Qt applications.

    As a developer, I take offense at some system forcing me to perform some stupid monotonous task over and over again. One of these tasks is setting up components to manage and edit options and preferences of an application written using Qt. Sure, there is QSettings, and clicking together some kind of dialog isn't that hard, but as the the number of options increases, so does the annoyance factor of managing and adapting the components. This is why I started developing Xorph.

    Its input consists of an XML file that contains information about the configuration options and the dialog components. The input file can be validated using any XSD validator; as the schema definition is provided, any XML editor (XML Spy, XAmple, ...) can be used to edit the set of configuration options. From the input file, Xorph generates C++ class definitions and implementations that contain both a central configuration management class and the necessary statements to provide configuration dialogs.

    Including and using Xorph is quite straightforward - just take a look at the examples.


    This program is beta software right now - which means that it shouldn't do any damage but still might contain bugs and cause problems. Please report any issues you encounter to the author, preferably using the bug tracker. Please do not use the SourceForge tracker because I don't monitor it at the time.. Also, stay tuned for updates. Even better - if you'd like to tackle some of the problems or issues on the list yourself, don't hesitate to contact me.

    License Information

    Xorph itself is licensed under the Q Public License. However, the code it generates is entirely yours, and you are free to distribute it under whatever you license you prefer, free or commercial. If you like Xorph, please drop me a note.

    © 2005 Volker Wegert